Town and Country Quilter endeavors to collaborate with quilt-makers to produce a high quality product that will become a treasure to its owner.  In order to do this, a few steps must be taken before the quilt arrives at the studio.

1.  Quilt tops should be pressed and free of holes or missed seams.  Once the quilt is on the machine, missed seems are nearly impossible to repair.  Please take the time to inspect your quilt top and make these necessary repairs. Top, Backing and Batting should come as separate pieces, not basted in any way.

2.  Backing fabric needs to be 5″ longer and wider than the quilt top.  For instance, if your top measures 90″ x 100″ the backing fabric should be at least 95″ x 105″.  It is also helpful if backing fabric is pressed.  Sheets are not the preferred backing for quilts, and may result in tension issues with the thread, or uneven shrinkage, when the quilt is washed.  If the backing fabric is not pieced, there will be a $15 charge added to the quilting total.  Although not necessary, it is helpful to leave the selvages on the outside edges of your quilt, this ensures a straight edge with which to attach the quilt to the machine frame.

3.  Batting may be purchased from Town and Country Quilter, or brought with the quilt.  Please ensure that your batting is at least 5 inches wider, and 10 inches longer than your quilt top.  Town and Country quilter stocks both Hobbs Heirloom Poly-Cotton blend and White Quilter’s Dream Cotton in Select Loft.

4.  Quilts may be brought to the studio by appointment, or dropped off at Heartland Quilt Shop 34 Main Street, Lockport.  If dropping a quilt off at the shop, please call Tara to let her know the quilt is there.  Tara will pick up the quilt at her earliest convenience, and call you for a phone consultation.

5. Quilts are added to the schedule either when they are delivered or by reserving a spot in advance by calling 585.455.0760, or emailing tara@townandcountryquilter.com. If a reservation is made, it is the quilt-maker’s responsibility to keep track of the date, and deliver the quilt one week prior. If the quilt is not in the studio when it is due to be quilted, Tara reserves the right to move on to her next quilting job and transfer your quilt to the end of the schedule.

6.  When the quilting is complete, you will receive a phone call to make an appointment to pick up your quilt, or let you know when it will be delivered to the quilt shop.  Payment is due at the time of pick up, or by mail soon after delivery.

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